1. Students who like to register yoga courses should register a day earlier and bring Passport copy, Visa copy and 2 Passport size Photographs.
  2. Students should fill the registration form in the shala itself when they arrive.
  3. Please do inform your Injuries and Medical issues physically before the Class to the Instructor.
  4. Please Register your name a day earlier for Drop-in Class.
  5. Students must pay by cash when they register at shala and full fees are expected from the start date and there will be no refunds or credit for future classes.
  6. Students should arrive 10 minutes early so that classes can start on time.
  7. Sundays and Moon days are holiday.
  8. It is recommended to practice for one month, but it is possible to attend classes for less than one month depending on your schedule(1 week or 2 weeks). However, you can begin the course at any time.
  9. Kindly bring your own Yoga Mats for Practice